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System Design


The irrigation designers at Global Irrigation Solutions have completed the Irrigation Association’s Certified Irrigation Designer program, considered one of the most rigorous design programs in the industry today.  We utilize LandFX software, the industry standard for AutoCAD based design programs, to create an accurate design plan for your irrigation system installer to follow. 


Our expertise allows us to create efficient irrigation systems, not just efficient for water use, but also efficient use of your dollars.  As former installers and service technicians, we know what really works.  Our design packages leave nothing to chance.  Our design, plan notes, details and written specifications ensure that there are no surprises.


As part of our design service, Global Irrigation Solutions will perform progress inspections during the installation process.  This check ensures our customer they are receiving the irrigation system that they have purchased and not the installation “short cuts” that are common in the industry today. 


Upon completion of the installation, we will provide an adjusted as-built drawing of record.  As-built drawings are a crucial tool for troubleshooting the more technologically advanced control systems utilized for irrigation systems of the twenty-first century. 


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