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What We Do

From addressing controller repairs to conducting thorough radio surveys, we work tirelessly to ensure your golf and commercial irrigation systems thrive. Trust us to keep your landscapes vibrant and your water management seamless, day after day. At Global Irrigation Solutions, your satisfaction is our commitment.

Enlist our seasoned pump professionals, renowned in today's industry. We handle complete pump station installations, control panel upgrades, and regular preventive maintenance visits—all part of our comprehensive service. Our mission: ensuring your pump system achieves and sustains peak performance levels!

Access our industry-renowned irrigation instructors, poised to provide invaluable training. With real-world experience and classroom expertise, we bridge theory with practical irrigation best practices. At Global Irrigation Solutions, we're dedicated to your empowerment through top-notch education.

Experience worry-free irrigation with us! Global Solutions monitors, swiftly addresses minor issues, and crafts efficient watering schedules for a vibrant, thriving landscape. Our expertise covers all current irrigation central control systems, ensuring optimal performance and water conservation. Let us make your irrigation journey hassle-free!

Elevate your irrigation system's efficiency with us. Our experts analyze cost-effective enhancements and refine scheduling to maximize your system's potential. The audit's cost is often recovered within the first year, delivering ongoing benefits for years ahead. Partner with Global Solutions for lasting irrigation excellence.

Our irrigation designs prioritize excellence, emphasizing three vital factors: head-to-head coverage, precise pressure, and matched precipitation rates. Curious about the cost-saving and water-conserving benefits? Discover more with Global Solutions – your gateway to sustainable solutions.

Embracing technology like central control, two-wire decoder systems, and Wi-Fi demands expertise beyond the basics. Global Irrigation Solutions excels in installation and service, ensuring your system's optimal performance. Trust us to unlock the full potential of your technology-driven irrigation.

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