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Water Management


Global Irrigation Solutions provides daily monitoring of an irrigation system, handle problems while they are small while working with local service providers, and continuously adjust irrigation schedules to apply the right amount of water at the right time.

We use irrigation central control equipment and flow sensors to remotely monitor what is going on with your irrigation system.  If you do not currently have central control equipment we can install permanently or lease it with no obligations.  If you decide it is not a good fit, we will re-install your previous equipment at no charge to you. 

Flow sensors can ensure that the flow is correct.  Too much flow indicates a leak in the system that we can solve before it becomes a big issue.  Even a 2” irrigation pipe can lose as much as 850 gallons per minute.  That is 51,000 gallons per hour and over 1,000,000 gallons per day if it is not noticed.


We can create guidelines and checklists for irrigation service companies to ensure regular maintenance is being completed thoroughly.  We will train the technicians to follow irrigation best practices and to provide reports of site visits to ensure we stay on top of any issues.


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